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Free shipping for orders over HK$380.00 after discount.

New members can use promo code "NewHere" for discounts. Spend HK$200 or more for HK$50 off, or spend HK$300 or more for HK$100 off.

Free shipping for orders over HK$380.00 after discount.

Brand Story

Balancing Cooking and Wellness: Embarking on a Journey of Health

In today's highly competitive and fast-paced society, insomnia and staying up late have became a common lifestyle for many. Numerous individuals carry immense life pressure and find themselves trapped in a state of depression and anxiety. If these suppressed emotions are not properly addressed, they can have a detrimental impact on one's immune system, leading to various physical discomforts and illnesses. Prolonged chronic stress can even accelerate the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Therefore, if you frequently experience symptoms like insomnia, sluggish thinking, memory decline, lack of focus, binge eating, or loss of appetite, these are clear signals from your body urging you to prioritize your physical and mental well-being.

In this fast-paced society, it is crucial to learn how to pay attention to our mental health, allocate adequate time for rest and relaxation, cultivate positive emotions and attitudes, and find suitable ways to release stress. It's essential to discover joy amidst the busyness of life, steal moments of tranquility, or dedicate time each day to savor a cup of herbal tea while quieting the mind and attending to our emotional and mental needs.

In such a context, we firmly believe that balancing cooking and wellness is a lifestyle modern individuals value and pursue, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, when the importance of physical and mental health has become even more urgent.

All the aforementioned insights stem from my personal experiences as a self-proclaimed "foodie" and beauty enthusiast. Reflecting back on my childhood, I grew up in a strict and unsupportive environment due to the disciplinary nature of my elders' profession. Being a naturally playful and lively individual, I endured an upbringing characterized by high-pressure circumstances. As a result of not knowing how to manage my own emotions, I began experiencing depression and anxiety during elementary school. At its worst, I even resorted to self-harm. Unfortunately, my elders failed to understand my struggles and responded with even harsher discipline. At that time, I felt suffocated without any breathing room, often retreating to my room to silently weep. Even the act of releasing my emotions had to be suppressed covertly. Deep down, I knew that if I didn't save myself and find an outlet for release, I would have no way out. I was just a ten-year-old back then, I knew my future journey was long. Thus, I began searching for methods to reduce stress and release myself from the burden.

Perhaps it is my nature to enjoy seeking out food, as I have discovered that indulging in delicious cuisine can temporarily help me forget my worries and fully focus on enjoying the moment. As a result, I started overeating, consuming at least five meals a day and constantly stuffing myself. Undeniably, indulging in food can boost dopamine levels, but it also led to unprecedented weight gain, severe constipation, extremely dull skin, and excessive sleepiness. At that time, I was in such a poor state that I locked myself indoors, too afraid to face anyone. Having been praised for my beauty by friends and family since childhood, I was determined to lose weight and improve my appearance.

Initially, I fell for the effects promised by advertisements and desperately sought quick solutions, blindly purchasing various weight-loss pills. As expected, these efforts only provided temporary relief or had no effect at all, while putting a strain on my body. I also tried receiving injections and undergoing treatments at medical aesthetic clinics, enduring the pain of multiple injections. It felt like "paying to be uncomfortable," and my body quickly returned to its original state. It was a costly lesson. Although weight loss has become a popular topic among modern individuals, the process is often perceived as long and painful. This has led to numerous gimmicky weight-loss methods, but extreme approaches only add more burden to the body and impact overall health. With no other options, I had to choose a disciplined fitness regimen.

In the past, I was an active athlete, excelling in various sports. However, due to a long period of inactivity, my body's functions became completely "rusty," and engaging in physical activity again became extremely difficult. The feeling of being breathless, dizzy, and experiencing blurred vision to the point of almost passing out was truly agonizing, leading me to contemplate giving up multiple times. Thus, I decided to take a gradual approach, starting with my diet. I adopted a healthy and clean eating plan, searching online for various fat-reducing recipes. I steamed, boiled, and stewed whole foods on a daily basis, and after a while, there was a noticeable improvement in my physique. However, underlying health issues persisted, and my desire for indulgent food remained unfulfilled, making my mood even worse. It was not until I started exploring traditional Chinese medicine for health maintenance and studying scientifically based nutritious diets that I delved into various methods of promoting wellness. I adhered to regular practices such as gua sha, moxibustion, and tapping specific acupoints. I also incorporated herbal teas with specific health benefits into my daily routine. By consistently attending to the needs of my body and mind, both my mindset and physical condition underwent a significant transformation. Apart from visibly improved skin tone and radiance, my body became lighter and filled with energy. Most importantly, I discovered a newfound sense of clarity, approaching life with a positive and optimistic mindset, and having the courage to face and tackle challenges. I gradually realized the importance of self-awareness, self-confidence, and conscious analysis of oneself to identify root issues and develop solutions accordingly.

In this current trend of life, we hope to guide urban dwellers to prioritize body maintenance, allowing them to embark on a journey of weight management and wellness while enjoying food in the right way. Our brand always focuses on the quality of ingredients, insisting on using only natural and pure ingredients to create healthy food therapy products that combine flavor, texture, and efficacy. These products are free from harmful additives, colorings, and preservatives, satisfying modern taste buds while providing a safe and sustainable dietary choice. By easily managing and nurturing the body, we can achieve a balanced physical condition that everyone admires.

We will continue to devote ourselves to research and provide healthier, more delicious, and beneficial food products, enabling people to develop healthy and sustainable eating habits. By avoiding chronic diseases and inflammation, everyone can possess a good physique and embrace more beautiful moments in life. Let self-care and body maintenance become the new lifestyle for modern individuals.